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Thursday, 7 July 2016

case Study

New Zealand is one of the best countries for welcoming immigrants from other countries, but 55% of New Zealand citizens feel discriminated against for their gender their race and what they do. The most common way people are prejudiced is judging their skin color. 

Prejudice is putting labels on people like saying you can't work with us because you have a different skin colour or judging their size or what they look like. It is also means judging by the gender, the amount of money they have got, and where they live. For example, a girl from Iran had a little boy come up to her and said “do you have a bomb in your lunch box?” Another time as a waiter she went up to some people and they asked “where are you from?” and she said “Iran,” and then they bowed their heads and started

We interviewed some people and asked what made them feel isolated. They said teasing, pointing out differences, staring.

We found out  immigrants feel welcome when people invite to a party and don't treat them differently,  or invite them over for lunch. 

Some other good ways to include immigrants is to:
Start a conversation.
Smile and say hello
(If they live next to you) bake them something
Buy them something

It's important to have 0% of discrimination in NZ because then everyone will get along in our Community have people in our community,and if they have family in other countries they can tell them to move here.

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