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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Pokemon go is taking over

This term my class has been learning about  how to make speeches. The thing I was learning was to use    structure. I can use parts of structure, but it lacks balance, connections or flow. I used many ideas connecting to my point of view. I used several language devices to persuade and connect with the audience. I felt good when I presented my speech and after I was happy I did my speech.

Please click here to listen to my speech

                    PÒKEMON GO
Have you ever been so interested in something that you've never noticed what's going on around you?? Well, that's pretty much what my speech is about. And no I'm not saying when your house getting robbed and your watching TV or your in World War II and you're wondering what going to have for dinner in front of heavy gunfire, it's when you don't look up from your stupid phone catching pokèthinges with poke balls
It's like a zombie apocalypse. People,staring at their phones, bumping into each other and walking into trees so that’s why you should deleted this new very addictive app. Even though we have 100 other problems in the world like child starvation and the siren war and stuff like that. It isn't one of the worst but it's causing a lot of deaths, it's pokemon go.

People are finding pokemon in very odd places like toilets and hospitals. Once there was someone having a baby and there was a pidgey right by the bed . The husband was trying to catch it, after she got really mad. Someone also risked his life getting a weedle in Antarctica, I know crazy right,I don't even know if he or his phone survived. People are even  falling off cliffs trying to catch a geodude, falling in ponds struggling to get a Squirtle and even driving into trees catching a sudowoodo. Someone's probably falling off a cliff right now. Actually probably not, but it could happen to you if you get too addicted.

So that's why you should delete it. If you know any people who are addicted, tell them that the game is dangerously dangerous for they could die from it. I'm gonna create a  new app and then that might go viral, it won't be better than pokèmon(cos the Pokemon creators made like nine BILLION dollars in less than a week) but I might get some money, also I would have done something good on my computer for once.

By Jayden. S

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