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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Science journal

Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.
Today we made slime and we poured it all on Mr Anderson. Most of the slime was chunky, some was slimy and liquid and I think it's because the other classes made slime differently. The way our class made the slime was with water, cornflour, greenish dye and vanilla essence just to make it smell good, but like 5 minutes later it smelt bad again.
I'd put myself on unistructural because my only observation was to smell the slime and the teacher had told me to have a smell.

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment
Today at the rocket balloon experiment my observations were relational because I got many observations and and I made them reliable and I think Samuel was as well.

Week 3: Rocket Balloon Experiment

Today Samuel and I did the rocket balloon experiment again, but instead‍
we put paper on the balloon and the results were averaged because I don't think our balloon went any farther than 1m. I'd put myself on multistructural because I got a lot of inferences but they weren't connected.

Week 4: Trebuchet

Today, well a few days ago our teacher brought a thing called a trebuchet which is a type of catapult. We made a chart that had these three words on it.

Weight                              Projectile                         Distance

One of my observations was that less lead weights made the ball project less further than if we put more weights in the counter weight.

 The farthest we got the ball was 26.1m

I'd put myself on midway between unistructural and multistructural because I got a few observations but I don't think they connect.

Science journal week 5: Flight VS Gliding

This week we have been learning about flight. We looked at flight and gliding. We found the differences between flight and gliding. It left me with lots of wonderings, like what would happen if the body of a plane was too heavy? And what would happen if the engine was too big or too small? And how far and how long can a plane glide for?

I'd put myself on multistructural because I got a good amount of observations but I'm not so sure if I made them connect and I'd put myself on unistructural for inferencing because I made one inference.

Science journal week 6: origami parachute

This week I made a origami parachute, as you can tell from my title. We all tested them but lots of people said that there parachute wasn't that good. My parachute wasn't the best either, it kept rolling and drifting off to the side. I think this was because the paper strand was too short or the paper was too heavy.

I'd put myself on multistructural for observations because I got a good amount of observations but they don’t connect.

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