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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Wainui camp

I load up my bow, pull back my string and... wait. Let me tell you my story from the start. Just a normal day at home and, WAIT, I'M AT CAMP, I’VE BEEN KIDNAPPED. Oh I  remember, we came here yesterday. We get up, get dressed, have breakfast, and get ready for our first activity. We do orienteering [which I found the slightest bit boring]. So I won't try to bore you till you die. After orienteering I did archery which I have to say was SUPER fun. We played tons of fun games and we also got an apple and put it on a hay bale. But I'll tell you about that soon. One of the games was when, if you hit a certain colour, you go to a certain place, in a certain way, with a famous person [some of them were quite bad]. I got all the bad ones. So after we did that we did a competition. My team couldn't make up a name so our instructor, Ben [we all called him Ed Sheeran] said we could call ourselves the rain bows. We lost the game but I think we got 87 points, well after that we got the apple and someone ended up shooting it and who ever got it got to ride on the back of Daniel's back, but Daniel hit the apple so a girl called rachel got it instead.

This is my class at camp.

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