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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

2017 Speech

Have you ever had to bear your little sibling go on and on and on about the latest craze? It drives you absolutely mental. Well for me it does. if you didn't know, there engineered by people who just want money. Like our fidget spinner craze, ever since one person brought one of the classical spinners, they kept getting fancier and techie, and when people started bringing those cool spinners everybody is like, OMG IT'S A  LIGHT UP FIDGET SPINNER. And I'm one of those people, I actually want a turn with anything related to fidget toys, including fidget cubes.

Now I know this craze is sorta old sorta not old but it's the Pokèmon cards craze, and I mean some people, went crazy over them, people even started selling them for MONEY. I know, well I mean at school they did, and I don't know why but I was one of the buyers. I know stupid right? Anyway, back to my speech. People also obviously started trading and fighting each other. They also obviously started stealing, all that it takes to steal them is to see a E X or something and just think, oh I might just take this. Yoink, and then when the owner turns around and tries to find it they completely freak out.

Another thing is probably the newest, well it pretty much is, and it's BEYBLADES. The way this started is all because of a TV show. People are now bringing their own stadiums, and if they don't have one, they just find random boxes and use those. It's also the same with the pokèmon, they’re also collecting and trading, and it won't be long until people start stealing parts as well. Oh and I've got one piece of advice, if your sibling won't be quiet, no matter what there talking about, just listen, it could end up being helpful.          

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